Ever an optimist, Kevan Caldwell is in pursuit of the perfect pop formula. His recent project Caldwell began as a strong bid for levity and delight in the wake of a global pandemic and the unfortunate separation of his former group, the Planchettes. Based in New Orleans, Caldwell has long drawn inspiration from the city’s artistic resilience as America’s Last Bohemia. From Southern rock-n-roll to Carnival theatricality, the frontman/musician embraces nostalgia, novelty, and nonsense equally in both his music and everyday life.

Despite Caldwell’s warm, yester-year sound, let it be known that his eponymous new group is not a revival band. Instead, experimenting with different time signatures, and chord progressions, Caldwell creates his own brand of archival pop, reaching back to access the sounds of the Sixties only to bring them back to the forefront of the modern imagination. His latest single “Love Confessions” and self-titled, first album are distinctly post-British Invasion, on the psychedelic pop side of the expansive genre. With these leanings, Caldwell is interested in making music that is unashamedly feel-good, high-energy, and old-school.

Caldwell wrote, recorded, and produced his first album and single entirely on his own. Though he’s unafraid of these solo machinations, the musician is looking forward to putting a group together to incorporate new perspectives into his future work.